International Craniosacral Events

Here you will find a list and links to the various international events related to Craniosacral Therapy in Europe, this site is regularily updated so come back from time to time to check out what's new!

ECSAN Events

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International events

The 2020 ECSAN Meeting was to be held in Spain on the 12 of October in association with our Spanish friends during their conference on trauma and stillness, however we have had to postpone the metting and will keep you informed as to our progress!

Global Breathe of Life Virtual Conference


Dear ,

Something Magical happened. 

Over the past 5 months we became more connected as an Association.  As people around the world flocked to Zoom to stay connected, BCTA/NA members got to connect much more, not just with each other, but also with BCST colleagues around the world.

Needing to postpone our in-person conference gave birth to the 2020 BCTA/NA Riding the Waves of Change Virtual Conference.  As we stepped into new territory and our fields expanded, we realized that without the constraints of travel, we could go Global with this event.

We are so fortunate to present amazing speakers that we would not be able to have at our in-person conferences. 

You will have the opportunity to learn from senior BCST teachers and practitioners broadcasting from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany.

Find a complete Conference program here.

You will have the opportunity to participate in remote settling and support session exchanges. If remote work is new for you, you will be beautifully set up for this during a presentation by Bhadrena Tshumi.

We have designed this conference to feel as if we are together in person.

Each day is balanced with an experiential session to get you moving. There are breaks for meals and pet walking, child connecting or whatever you need.  There is also an option to watch a recording later if something comes up. But mostly we want you to experience a new paradigm for connecting with this work.

We have been chatting with teachers who have taken their training modules online.  It’s definitely different and definitely missing human touch, which of course we all long to get back to. However, something special has been happening in connecting to the larger field.  There are special gifts that this brings too.

As we Ride the Waves of Change together at this time, I hope you will join us at this Conference to resource, recharge, get inspired …… and hold the health for global transformation ….. September 10-13, 2020.

Learn more and register today!

With love and connection,

Jennifer Song, RCST
Founding and current 
BCTA/NA Board Member & Conference Chair

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 About Previous ECSAN conferences

 Stockholm 2019

Representatives of 24 countries gathered for the annual meeting of ECSAN (European craniosacral associations network) 28-30th June 2019 in Stockholm Sweden. 


ECSAN’s aim is to have craniosacral therapy recognized by our governments as the powerful and effective complementary form of therapy it is. 


As always it is not only very interesting, but also great fun to meet colleague therapists!

And to get to know yet another European capital.


Italy 2017


On April 29th, 30th and May 1st, in Villa  Cesi - Impruneta, Florence, twenty-one representatives of twelve associations, from eleven different countries:

Austria, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, Czech Rep, Russia, Switzerland, France, Spain and North America.


Together for the third time, after the meetings in Austria and in Switzerland in the past two years, to share about the craniosacral therapy situation in our countries, and to discuss different topics:

- Foundation training standards, combining perceptive and presence skills with scientific ones

- Building a profession at European level

- Creating and maintaining a network among our associations that in 5 years will become an association

- The way to make known and explain craniosacral therapy to clients and to the scientific world.


It was very interesting meeting togheter, to get to know each other and for someone to meet again, laying the foundations for the spread of craniosacral culture all over the Europe.


 Austria 2016

Organized by Federal Association of Craniosacral Therapist of Austria, with 23 participants from 9 national associations, including North America Association of Craniosacral therapists.

Intensive three days with interesting discussions and networking among associations and representatives. The president of the Austrian Association presented their three-year work to consolidate different schools and standards in Craniosacral field to a common educational standard. The president of the resting European Association of Craniosacral Therapists, Elfreide Wolfslehner, told the history of the Association between 1998-2001. She was pleased to officially pass the post of the President to the conference organizer Inge Schmuck, so the ECSAN can continuously carry on the mission.

This conference has concluded following three important missions of ECSAN:

1. The European coorporation in Cranial field will continue with form of networking in the beginning, with a 2-year plan by creating a Facebook group, a website and continuous discussions among member assotiations.

2. Mapping foundational education standards from different member countries, including requirements in medical and technical skills, soft skills, interaction between teachers and students, and teaching skills, etc. A common standard of at least 300 hours onsite teaching seminars in Craniosacral field seems as a accepted norm. Medical knowledge requirement varies among countries.

3. The ECSAN shall support member associations gaining national acceptance in healthcare and insurance. ECSAN shall lobby EU in achieving acceptance of an European-wide profession in Craniosacral Therapy. A discusson about a European standard of Craniosacral Therapy with minimum 300 hour seminar and 180 hour self-study will continue until next meeting in 2017.


Olten 2016

The first ECSAN meeting in Olten 2016 took place with a great turnout and the beggining of a wonderful journey.

Connecting and thinknig about what we want as a community to help bring Craniosacral therapy into the wider world!